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You can save with solar too! Carefully designed solar systems to give Delhiites maximum power

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Latest AI tools and real-time monitoring gets you the best of solar rooftop in Delhi NCR

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Wear the coveted green badge and inspire those around you with solar rooftop systems in Delhi NCR

Sustainable future

Low operation Cost - Solar Panel
Rooftop Solar Panels

Low operation costs

Sustainable future

Rooftop Solar Panels
Low operation Cost - Solar Panel

Low operation costs

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| Frequently asked questions

Delhi NCR, we answer all your questions on rooftop solar system

1.What is SunEdison? What is your business model?

SunEdison is a pioneer in the India solar industry and among the leading solar EPC companies in India. It provides solar power to residential and commercial complexes and businesses in urban cities and rural towns across the country with a stronghold in over 100 locations. With 20+ years of experience and expertise in the solar PV industry, SunEdison is a specialist in design, execution, installation and maintenance of solar-powered systems.

Bank on SunEdison for on-grid, hybrid solar systems, solar water pumps and more.

2.Is SunEdison an American Company or Indian?

SunEdison is an Indian company headquartered in Tamil Nadu. The solar major however was a part of the US-headquartered SunEdison Inc that has ceased to be due to financial difficulties. Within India, SunEdison continued to enjoy a commendable footprint with 2 GW of solar assets either in operation or under construction. Eventually, despite the break from its parent company, SunEdison is thriving in the Indian market, in over 100 locations as a leading name among the solar energy companies in India.

On December 29, 2017, SunEdison Inc. and its debtor affiliates, announced that its Plan of Reorganization became effective and that the Company has emerged from Chapter 11 as a newly reorganized, privately held company.

3.Why should I choose SunEdison over other renewable energy companies in India?

At SunEdison, our focus is on the customer and in ethically providing them with a robust and personalized rooftop solar solution. The SunEdison advantage guarantees a quality solar rooftop solution backed by advanced technology leading to high and consistent solar power generation. This translates into cost savings of about 90% on your electricity bills over a period of time. Our rooftop solar systems are available in different configurations to match your different energy requirements. We ensure an efficient generation of electricity, easy monitoring and maximum returns. Come experience the SunEdison Advantage with the best solar system from the top solar company in India.

4.Does SunEdison help in getting permits for installing the plant?

Yes, solar major SunEdison offers a turnkey system for green champions across the country and expert support for seamless experience. This includes permits for rooftop solar installation and paperwork.

5. How does SunEdison help post installation of rooftop solar panels?

Whether you associated with SunEdison for a rooftop solar system for home or commercial solar panel, all our valued customers can avail the following benefits as part of our after-sales service:

We have a no-excuse warranty policy in place. We promise 25 years of performance warranty
SunEdison provides lifetime service support post solar panel installation
We ensure that our green champions can benefit from low maintenance cost
We have a comprehensive service package as an add on or included in the AMC support
Our proactive maintenance policy will provide you on ground support to identify and troubleshoot when required
Basis the urgency, we have a dedicated customer support team who attend to queries with a turn around time of 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours basis the urgency
We have a comprehensive spares policy

For more information, contact us at

6. Does SunEdison deal with residential solar system?

Yes, SunEdison provides rooftop solar system for home. We envision a future, where renewable energy is an affordable and sustainable solution which creates an uninterrupted supply of alternative energy to contribute towards building a green planet.

We offer state-of-the-art solar rooftop and solar water pump solutions (along with O&M) which will easily last 25 years and reduce electricity spends for the customer by over 90% over the lifetime of the product.

7.Can I move my installed solar system to a new location if I relocate?

You can. However, it is neither easy nor easy on your pocket. Contact SunEdison if you are planning to relocate locally. Do note that you will incur additional costs on removal of the solar system, disassembly, packing, shipping, and reinstallation. Further, it is wise to consult the experts who can assess the new location and give you a clearer picture.

8.What is the warranty provided by SunEdison to its customers?

SunEdison is the best solar company in India and we believe in rolling out a no-excuse warranty policy. We also assist you with a comprehensive service package, proactive preventive maintenance, comprehensive spares policy and multilevel response times for ample support round the clock. Get in touch with us at  to know more.

9.Will I be able to track the solar power generation?

Absolutely! Our Remote Monitoring System gives you a complete look into your solar system. You will be able to monitor the performance of your rooftop solar, track for inconsistencies, raise warranty claims and much more. Adopt solar with the best solar system company and live worry-free.

10.Can I avail subsidy while purchasing a solar power system?

Of course! Governments across the country are encouraging people to harness renewable sources of energy. The advantages of solar energy is known to all but people usually shy away due to the perceived high costs of solar rooftop installation. Unfortunately, the perceived high cost is just half-truth. Depending on the city, new solar customers are entitled to a set subsidy when they opt for installing solar panels on the roof. Most states provide a 30-40% subsidy on rooftop solar for residential premises while some others may even allow it for businesses and institutions.

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