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Rooftop solar system for home

Bring the goodness of sun into your home

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Higher savings

Take charge of rising energy costs with one-time investment on rooftop solar.

Net-zero home

Reduce your carbon footprint with high-impact, durable solar solutions for home.

Wear the green badge

Inspire those around you when you adopt solar into your lifestyle.

Sustainable living

Residential solar solutions

Eliminate high power costs

Sustainable living

Residential solar solutions

Eliminate high power costs

Rooftop Solar
India trusts SunEdison

Success stories

Residential solar panel installation gives you a better rate of return than a bank’s Fixed Deposit(FD).
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FAQs on rooftop solar panels for home

1.Why should I go solar?

If  higher bills on electricity consumption bothers you or if you are looking to lead a sustainable lifestyle, solar is the right choice for you. Rooftop solar panels are fit for your home, office or just about any kind of built structure. With the right professionals guiding you, leveraging the advantages of solar energy can be a cleaner, more affordable option, guaranteeing sustainability. Embrace a better tomorrow with the most trusted solar company, SunEdison.

2.Do solar panels generate electricity even during monsoon and winter?

Yes, rooftop solar panels generate electricity during monsoon and winters but the performance dampens with clouds and rain. However, the estimated generation provided by us for your rooftop solar takes into consideration all seasons of the year.

3.What kind of appliances can I use on Solar Power?

All the appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave etc. in your house can be run on solar. Solar inverters use reference voltage from the grid hence you won't be able to differentiate between the electricity from the grid and solar as there are no fluctuations and you will have a seamless use of solar power. Moreover, solar plants can also power schools, offices, industries, railway stations etc.

4.What is Net metering?

Net Metering is a mechanism used by the electricity provider for accounting the number of units imported and exported in a month. The customer is benefited with credits if the solar power is excess and exported and the customer is charged if units are imported from the grid. This adjustment of units is done on a monthly basis and is reflected on the electricity bills and the customer is charged on the adjusted units.

5.How do I check the performance of my Solar Plant?

You can simply download the SunEdison app to check real time generation, daily reports and monthly reports, alerts or alarms and other such other system information.

6.How much does a solar panel installation cost?

The cost of a solar plant depends on its type, capacity, design and the desired height of the structure. Since every solar panel is  customized, our sales team will provide solutions that are best suited to your requirement and budget.

7.Are financing options available for solar rooftop projects?

Absolutely! You can avail financing options in collaboration with banks and NBFCs. Get in touch with us at sales@sunedisoninfra.com  or call us at 1800 1020 765 to know about prevailing benefits such as:

  • No cost EMI till 12 months*
  • Housing loan Top ups*
  • Personal or Consumer loan*

8.Can I avail subsidy while purchasing a solar power system?

Of course! Governments across the country are encouraging people to harness renewable sources of energy. The advantages of solar energy is known to all but people usually shy away due to the perceived high costs of solar rooftop installation. Unfortunately, the perceived high cost is just half-truth. Depending on the city, new solar customers are entitled to a set subsidy when they opt for installing solar panels on the roof. Most states provide a 30-40% subsidy on rooftop solar for residential premises.

9.Can I move my installed solar system to a new location if I relocate?

You can. However, it is neither easy nor easy on your pocket. Contact SunEdison if you are planning to relocate locally. Do note that you will incur additional costs on removal of the solar system, disassembly, packing, shipping, and reinstallation. Further, it is wise to consult the experts who can assess the new location and give you a clearer picture.

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