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Green Ambassador: Most rewarding way to make solar accessible

  • Leverage your network
  • Product training & Green Awareness sessions
  • Attractive & generous reward program
  • Readily available product support
  • Tools to generate new referrals
  • Transparent status updates

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| Frequently asked questions

Things to know about your association as a Green Ambassador

1.Who is a Green Ambassador?

Green Ambassador is a messenger of change who will help us in spreading the goodness of Green and renewable energy presented to us in the form of Solar Energy Solutions.

Green Ambassador will spread the word about the benefits of our Solar Rooftop Solutions and refer the interested customer to us. Technical Experts from our team will approach such customers and suggest to them the solutions that best match the requirements. Once we succeed in closing the sale to the referred customers, Green Ambassador will get the rewards on confirmation of order. We shall provide all necessary support to a Green Ambassador to enable him to do the job effectively.

2.Who can associate with SunEdison as a Green Ambassador?

Professionals, Chartered Accountants, electronic white goods retail shop owners, distributors, direct sales agents, banking correspondents, interior designers, builders, electricians, financial planners or just any of you with a purposeful network can associate with the top solar company in India as a Green Ambassador.

3.How does SunEdison assist its Green Ambassadors?

We envision our Green Ambassadors to be a one-stop solution provider for their customers. Therefore, we work closely with you. SunEdison provides its partners an app, financial assistance and a quote generator to get customer leads easily. Our ambassadors are adequately trained from time to time, given onboarding assistance and marketing collateral to convert and earn on the go. Note that Green Ambassadors are highly rewarded and incentivized for higher conversions.

4.How do I start my association with SunEdison as a Green Ambassador?

Get started with the most rewarding association by just completing the Green Ambassador application form. A Relationship Manager will soon be assigned to you and guide you about the program.

5.What is the Green Referral Program?

Under the Green Referral Program, our Green Ambassadors who may be professionals, professional service providers or entrepreneurs- leverage brand SunEdison - the leading renewable energy company in India, and contribute towards a sustainable planet. The program helps promote green energy and encourages green champions to go for solar panel installation. For every rooftop solar installed, our Green Ambassadors take home attractive incentives.

You should opt to become our Green Ambassador because:

  • We will make it easy for you by providing sufficient training materials, marketing collaterals and other requisite support
  • It won't take much of your time and effort to refer a customer
  • Our reward program is attractive and generous
  • There is an additional satisfaction of giving it back to the planet

6.What will be the scope of work for a Green Ambassador?

Our Green Ambassadors will be responsible for generating leads and helping acquire new solar customers. Green Ambassadors will disseminate the benefits of rooftop solar among their network of family, friends, colleagues, customers and acquaintances and refer the interested ones to us. We shall take over from there and do the rest, right from product pitch till Installation & Commissioning and everything in between that will be required to service the referred customers till they are satisfied.

7.What are all the different financing options provided by SE?

We work with a number of banks and non-banking financial institutions to provide easy loans at low and attractive interest rates.

8. How is a Green Ambassador different from a Green Partner?

Our Green Ambassadors provide valid leads of customers and earn a referral fee unlike a Green Partner who is responsible to build and nurture a relationship with the customer and ultimately close the sale.