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Tired of high maintenance costs? Switch to solar power.

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Best-in-class equipment guarantees you up to 90% savings on electricity costs for 25 years

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Bank on us for superior and durable solar panels with a no-excuse 25-year warranty

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Be the face of transformation in your locality and inspire apartment communities to adopt solar

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Solar panel for residential
Solar panel setup

Eliminate high power costs

Sustainable living

Solar panel setup
Solar panel for residential

Eliminate high power costs

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Switching to solar helps reduce maintenance costs. Check your community’s savings with rooftop solar.

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FAQs for apartment owners and RWA members

1.Why should your apartment go solar?

Most common use case: powering all common area electricity needs with rooftop solar power. This helps reduce high electricity bills for these common electricity meter(s). In turn, this helps reduce overall maintenance costs.

2.Can individual flats be solar powered in an apartment?

Generally, no. This is because of limitations in availability of rooftop space and high installation costs that reduce ROI. In some cases, if the flat has a private terrace, rooftop solar can be explored. In case of apartment buildings under construction, solar power for individual flats can be included in the design.

3.What is the most common rooftop solar solution for apartment buildings?

On-grid system that works with a net metering or gross metering policy. Batteries are generally not used because batteries may not be able to meet some load requirements (such as STP, borewell, lifts, etc.), costs are higher, and maintenance is a challenge.

4.What is Net metering?

Net Metering is a mechanism used by the electricity provider for accounting the number of units imported and exported in a month. The customer is benefited with credits if the solar power is excess and exported and the customer is charged if units are imported from the grid. This adjustment of units is done on a monthly basis and is reflected on the electricity bills and the customer is charged on the adjusted units.

5.What kind of devices and equipment can we use on Solar Power?

Lights, borewell, STPs, lifts, clubhouse, lobby, EV charging and all common area/community shared spaces, devices, and equipment.

6.Do solar panels generate electricity even during monsoon and winter?

Yes, rooftop solar panels generate electricity during monsoon and winters but the performance dampens with clouds and rain. However, the estimated generation provided by us for your rooftop solar takes into consideration all seasons of the year.

7.How do we check the performance of our Solar Plant?

You can simply download the SunEdison app to check real time generation, daily reports and monthly reports, alerts or alarms and other such other system information.

8.How much does a solar panel installation cost?

The cost of a solar plant depends on its type, capacity, design and the desired height of the structure. Since every solar panel is customized, our sales team will provide solutions that are best suited to your requirement and budget.

9.What does it take to maintain a rooftop solar system in an apartment building?

Since on-grid systems do not have batteries, the maintenance is quite simple. Regular cleaning of solar panels with water will help in consistent performance of the overall solar power system. The SunEdison team will have quarterly preventive maintenance for the electrical components of your solar power system.

10.Are financing options available for solar rooftop projects?

Absolutely! You can avail one of many financing options in collaboration with banks and NBFCs. Get in touch with us at sales@sunedisoninfra.com or call us at 1800 1020 765 to know more.

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